N° 61 - Septembre 2016

Lettre d’information


25 years !

This age is often the typical age of boundless possibilities but limited capabilities, that of numerous acquaintances but plenty more around the corner, the age of certainties and doubts, the age of professional awakening and, for many people, personal union.

Who has never dreamed of being 25 again ? 

AMFIE too has attained that fabulous, fertile age and, thanks to your support and trust at the AGM of 25 June 2016, we will be able to enjoy being 25 together. The team you have elected, staunchly supported by the Secretariat, will do all they can to pursue our growth in a financial situation which is difficult, but which we see as a fantastic playing field for conquest and development.

At a time when banks are in search of new models to restore their profitability which has been undermined by low interest rates and their own unsuitable structures ; when the threat of new charges hangs over current accounts ; when still fragile fintechs are opportunistically rushing into the breach of personal financial services at cutthroat prices (but for how long ?) ; when the confidence of savers is crumbling in the face of changes both opaque and abrupt …

… our “young” AMFIE is reaffirming its age-old ambition : that of offering useful products and services for free (or at very low prices) to all our members, on identical terms and with a quality of service of human dimensions, by putting proximity and simplicity first.

Yes, our multicurrency accounts are free, yes, we pay above-the-market interest rates thanks to efficient, conservative management, yes, we add an end-of-year bonus (whenever we can…), yes, you can access your accounts over the Internet free of charge – and much more besides !

We will strive to go on improving the quality of our services for international civil servants and their families in their homes, at work and during their business travels ; we are embarking on the modernisation of our Web and smartphone interface to simplify access and use – to make it accessible everywhere, facilitate operations, provide greater autonomy for those who want it, strengthen security, etc.

Thanks to these 25 years we have spent serving you, we will be able to go on innovating to supply the products and solutions that meet the needs of each and every one : funding for young professionals and the less young retirees (there’s no age for enjoying life to the full !), improving your pension, or anticipating and assisting you in your choices regarding your estate.

During this time, AMFIE is going to need you and to hear your views. This is why we are going to be introducing more open, more frequent communications. However, that is not our speciality (yet…) and we beg your indulgence in advance as we find our way !

Lastly, AMFIE wishes to continue to increase its assets while conserving its proven, lightweight, structure which, thanks to our healthy management, allows us to post sufficient earnings to go on offering you attractive interest rates, services and products at the best market prices. And something that perhaps only we seem to consider a no-brainer : free, accessible multicurrency accounts – for all.

You have all played your own greater or lesser role in these 25 years, supporting the “Seniors” (Dimitri, Michel and †Pierre), the "Just" (Jacques Vandier, †Jean Dupong), the "Mentor" (Jacques Santer) and the "Faithful" (Janine Rivals, Béatrice Buyck-Ribourel, Jean Legorju, Albert Hansen, Paul Zimmer, Witold Zyss, Joël Towara…), who can rest assured of our gratitude and infinite affection.

Stéphane Argyropoulos