N° 62 - Décembre 2016

Lettre d’information



By depositing your assets with our organisation, you have shown your trust in AMFIE’s solidity. This solidity is demonstrated by our solvency and liquidity ratios that lie far beyond the statutory requirements. Furthermore, you also benefit from a deposit guarantee introduced by the legislator. These safeguards are regulated and result from the transposition of European directives to the law applicable in the Grand Duchy.

The introduction of the Luxembourg law of 18 December 2015 has brought changes in the architecture of the deposit guarantee systems.
In effect, the functions previously exercised by the "AGDL"(Association for the Guarantee of Deposits Luxembourg) have now been taken over by the “FGDL” (Deposit Guarantee Fund Luxembourg).

However, this change does not affect the guarantee cover extended to our members’ funds. Indeed, all the custodian banks* used by AMFIE are members of the FGDL.

Below you will find a table summarising the information relating to this new deposit guarantee system.

The protection of the funds of
AMFIE members held by the
Association in its custodian banks is assured by :
Le Fond de Garantie des Dépôts Luxembourg
283, route d’Arlon, L-1150 Luxembourg
Postal address : L-2860 Luxembourg
Tel. (+352) 26 25 1-1
Fax (+352) 26 25 1-2601
E-mail : info@fgdl.lu
Website : www.fgdl.lu
Maximum coverage level : 100,000 euros per depositor
If you hold a joint account with one or more other persons : The maximum level of 100,000 euros applies to each depositor separately
Payout delay in the event of bank failure : Seven working days
Payout currency : Euro

In the event of the failure of one of its custodian banks, AMFIE would undertake to initiate the steps needed to secure the above-mentioned payout.

* You can find a list of AMFIE’s custodian banks in the members’ area of the Association’s website : www.amfie.org