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How do I deposit and withdraw funds from my AMFIE account ?

Deposits may be made by cheque or bank transfer to one of AMFIE’s accounts. Subject to the rules and regulations relating to money laundering, there is no limit the amount you may deposit on an account.

All deposits are automatically and immediately credited to the member’s current account in that currency unless we are instructed otherwise. You may ask us to transfer these funds to your savings account (on a specific date or on a regular basis).
Withdrawals may be by standing instructions, one-off transfers or payments to third parties.
If there is not enough money in your current account to cover a transfer, AMFIE can draw the money from your savings account. No fees will be charged.

Our members appreciate being able to maintain their accounts with AMFIE without fees. Most transfers to and from their account through our network of correspondent banks together with all foreign exchange transactions between AMFIE’s seven currencies are without charge.

Please pay attention to the currency of the AMFIE bank account you are sending money to. For instance if you send USD to an account in EUR, the amount will be credited but the bank will charge fees for the foreign exchange.

For more practical details please consult Home / Financial services / the account / Current operations

  In order to execute a withdrawal order, your file must be completed. Please ensure you communicated to the Secretariat a certified copy of your valid passport (or national ID card) and the Ultimate Beneficial Ownership Declaration duly completed and signed. Please do not hesitate to contact the Secretariat should you have any questions.