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Term deposit accounts Flexible

What is a term deposit ?

This is when an investor invests a sum of money for a fixed period at a pre-determined rate of interest.


Improve your savings by investing for a fixed period of time
The “AMFIE Flexible” investment is a term deposit in euros, US dollars and pounds sterling, available at any time, providing our members with a higher interest than that of a simple sight deposit while ensuring flexibility.

An imaginative investment for your deposits
AMFIE offers for the moment only 12 months investments, with a level of interest earned depending primarily on the Euro Interbank Offered Rate (Euribor). Accrued interest (on which is applied a 10% withholding tax for residents of Luxembourg) is calculated on the basis of the number of actual days between the investment and reimbursement (completed time period or early withdrawal).

Should you wish to make an early withdrawal, please inform the secretariat beforehand (allowing at least two working days), indicating the desired date of withdrawal. If there is no early withdrawal, the investment continues for the specified period. Automatic renewal (of capital-only or capital plus interest) can be requested.

Minimum : No mimimum


The following annual rates (per annum) are currently offered (4 October 2017) : 

12 months 1.00% p.a. 1.50% p.a. 0,70% p.a.

What is the “AMFIE Flexible” term deposit ? 

The “AMFIE Flexible” term deposit is an account that allows you to allocate a certain amount of money for a specified period of either 3, 6 and 12 months. You can subscribe at any time.

What does the “AMFIE Flexible” term deposit cost ?
There are no fees associated with opening an “AMFIE Flexible” term deposit. This operation is entirely free.

When can I have access to my money ?
Any-time you wish. If you wish to redeem an “AMFIE Flexible” term deposit before the stipulated expiration, you will pay a penalty of 0.1% per month for the months of early withdrawal.

Is there a minimum amount required in order to activate the “AMFIE Flexible” deposit ?
No minimum is requested. Requests will be treated in the order they are received by AMFIE. Conditions may be placed on this offer or in exceptional cases suspended.

What is the interest rate earned ?
The interest rate varies in accordance with current market rates. In general, the longer the term, the greater the interest rate paid.

How can I benefit from the “AMFIE Flexible” deposit ?
If you are not yet a member of AMFIE, you can open an account and set the terms of your “AMFIE Flexible” term deposit.

What happens after the date of expiration of the term deposit ? 

At the end of the period of time chosen, interest and capital will be deposited in your account unless you opt for automatic renewal.

*A withholding tax on interest is applicable only for Luxembourg residents.