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Investment products

Interested in Shares, Bonds or Mutual funds?

 AMFIE can buy investment products on behalf of its members thanks to his partnership with Keytrade Bank Luxembourg*. 

Commission rates
Keytrade’s fees are among the lowest on the market. There will be a fixed fee for each order (Mutual funds, Shares or Bonds) and an administrative fee on all money placed in the portfolio account of 0.50% per year, debited quarterly.
While if we do not give investment advice, we offer a wide range of products for you to choose from (over 600 funds) and access to 18 markets around the world (click here to see the list).
How to give instructions 
We accept faxed orders to buy or sell (provided special arrangements for faxed orders have already been signed) or instructions by AMFIE.NET+ or by post. Your account must have sufficient funds to cover any purchase. Please provide all possible information on the stock to be bought: (name, currency, ISIN code, market, quantity). 

* Keytrade is an online bank, based in Luxembourg since 1999. It is a member of the FGDL (the Luxembourgish Fund for the Guarantee of Deposits) and is fully regulated by the Luxembourg regulatory authority (the CSSF).

To access this service you will have to fill out and return the documents available in the members’ area of this website.

We will also ask you to send AMFIE a copy of a valid ID.