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AMFIE can provide you with a current account in 7 currencies : EUR, USD, CAD, CHF, GBP, AUD and/or DKK.

Members may keep funds in any or all of AMFIE’s currencies within a single account at no extra charge.

An interest bearing savings account can be added to this account, under the same account number, at your request.
The Current Account :
The current account is non remunerated and is used for making deposits and withdrawals. In most cases, AMFIE will not charge a fee for transfers and withdrawals.
Il you have insufficient funds in your current account to cover a payment, you can request on the withdrawal form that AMFIE transfer funds from your savings account into your current account to cover the payment. This service is free.

There is no fee for account maintenance.

The Savings Account :

Savings accounts produce a significant remuneration, close to the money market rates. Interest rates are announced in advance for the quarter. The remuneration is calculated and credited to members’ savings accounts each quarter. The rate of remuneration in each working currency is the same for all savings accounts and for all members, regardless of the amount deposited. In addition to the interest, a bonus will be accorded each year, depending on AMFIE’s results.

There is no fee for account maintenance.

Opening accounts in different currencies

If you deposit a cheque or transfer in a currency other than that of your account, an account in your name will be opened in the new currency automatically and without charge unless you have already given instructions to exchange the amount on its arrival.

For example, if your main account is in euros, and you receive funds in pounds sterling, those funds will be credited to an account in pounds sterling, which is still deemed to be your main account, particularly as regards any authorised signatories.


Opening an additional account in the same currency

Members can have more than one account in any given currency. These additional accounts work in exactly the same way as a main account. You can, for example, designate an authorised signatory. Fees of 10€/year will be debited from this additional account.