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Accueil > FAQs > On m’offre un taux attractif, qu’en est-il de l’AMFIE ?

I am offered attractive rates, what about AMFIE ?

AMFIE’s rates are applied to all savings accounts- no matter the size of the deposit- and returns are credited each quarter pro rata temporis, i.e. from day one of the deposit to the date of withdrawal. In addition, a bonus is accorded at the end of the year, depending on AMFIE’s results.

Some of you have recently sent us financial literature/publicity promising some very attractive returns. Upon careful reading of the small print we have noted the following points which merit being brought to your attention :

The rates advertised are often quoted “Gross”, that is before deduction of various bank charges, many of which are not very clear
The size of the deposit which can benefit from the higher rate promised is often restricted
The exceptional return is only available for new deposits and is for a very short period of time after which it falls dramatically
The period is even further restricted in that you may not benefit from this rate for up to 15 days after you place the funds on deposit and/or ends retroactively up to 2 weeks before the end of your deposit should you decide to withdraw your funds prematurely. In other words, your money could be hibernating (depending on the season) for several weeks.
In addition your funds are blocked during the period and may not be available to you.