n°64 - Avril 2017

Lettre d’information



AMFIE is also taking on a new appearance and the first buds are emerging from last year’s seeds : the complete overhaul of our Web site to make it easier to use and provide a more complete source of information ; the securing of a €7 million envelope as we await our regulatory authority’s final validation to grant personal loans to our members ; the changes in our internal governance focusing on international development and new economic and social tendencies ; the careful arbitrage of AMFIE’s assets in order to take advantage of financial opportunities without increasing our risk profile... All these are initiatives that we hope will blossom into flowers in summertime.

In this spirit we have taken a fresh look at our statutes, after various amendments and several decades of service, to impose consistency and to update them ; for example we added the concept of contracted civil service employees (consultants, etc.), electronic and postal voting, etc. Naturally, these changes will be presented and explained to you in our next convening notice and will be submitted to a future Extraordinary General Meeting held on 17th June, together with our Annual General Meeting.

After sparing many a friendly thought for the political calendar of our Dutch members, we now send our warmest regards to our French colleagues... and don’t forget that nature covers more than a third of Luxembourg, without even including its parks (and floral balconies), a beautiful place to enjoy flowers whatever the season !
President of the Board of Directors