AMFIE’s purpose is to serve the economic interests of its members. A transparent fee structure and reduced charges are a central feature of AMFIE’s management policy.

Membership application form

1 - Complete, print and sign the membership application form
2 - Provide a certified copy of your national identity card or passport, together with evidence of your status as a serving or retired staff member of your intergovernmental organisation.
3 - Provide a proof of residence dated less than 3 months showing your address of residence (electricity or gas invoices, certificate of residence, rental agreement).
4 - Purchase a member share for 10 euros. You can do this by transferring the amount to AMFIE’s account: simply transfer an amount of at least 10 euros (or 16 CHF, 8 GBP, 15 USD, 15 CAD, 17 AUD, 75 DKK). (Please contact the Secretariat for AMFIE account details).

You may sponsor a family member or friend to join the Association

Once the person you are sponsoring has filled out the membership application form and provided a certified copy of their national identity card or passport, you will need to write a brief letter to AMFIE describing your relationship to this person.

  Membership application form

AMFIE's Statutes and General Terms and Conditions

To ensure optimum use of the document, we advise you to open it with Acrobat Reader. If you want to download a static version of the form click here.


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