The following rates are currently offered (1 Jan 2023 - Term 12 Months) 2.00% p.a.


The following rates are currently offered (1 January 2023 - Term 12 Months)  3.50% p.a.


The following rates are currently offered (1 January 2023 - Term 12 Months)  2.50% p.a.


AMFIE Flexible

Invest a sum of money for a fixed period at a pre-determined rate of interest. Receive a higher interest rate than that of a simple sight deposit account, while maintaining access to your funds.

- Available in euros, US dollars and pounds sterling
- Duration of investment: 12 months
- No minimum amount is required
- Optional automatic renewal (of capital-only or capital plus interest) can be requested
- Early withdrawal penalty of 0.1% per month

Accrued interest is calculated on the basis of the number of actual days between the investment and reimbursement (completed time period or early withdrawal).

Please complete, print and sign the “AMFIE FLEXIBLE” subscription form, available in the Members’ area of the website.

At the end of the period of time chosen, interest and capital will be deposited in your current account unless you opt for automatic renewal.

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