AMFIE - Financial cooperative association of international civil servants

Established in 1990 by a group of 21 international civil servants, AMFIE now serves over 7000 members from 146 organisations, and manages more than 360 million euros in funds.

AMFIE is the only financial cooperative serving all staff members of intergovernmental organisations (including consultants, temporary staff, and holders of long-term contracts with such organisations).

Spouses, partners, and children of members may also benefit from AMFIE's services.

As both a "Professional of the Financial Sector" and a cooperative, AMFIE holds a mixed status, unique in Luxembourg, which means that it is answerable to laws governing both the financial sector and the cooperative sector.


Financial Products

Term deposit account

Receive a higher interest rate than that of a simple sight deposit account, while maintaining access to you funds

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Provident savings plan

AMFIE offers, its international civil servant members, a solution to build a pension or a complementary pension

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Investment Funds Savings Plan

A preferential and easy access to a choice of managed funds

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Financial information

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Financial Services

Multi-Currency current account

One account, 7 currencies: EUR, USD, CAD, CHF, GBP, AUD, DKK, transfers with minimum or no fees

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Multi-Currency savings account

Interest rates have consistently exceeded inter-bank rates, yearly bonus, depending on AMFIE’s results

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Foreign exchange

Our Currency Exchange combines interbank exchange rates with competitive international transfers

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Make payments, withdraw cash anywhere in the world, withdrawals up to €1,500/d

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International transfers

Most transfers are free
Free transfers in the SEPA zone

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Online banking

Via Internet or the dedicated App, access easily and safely to your accounts

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AMFIE’s purpose is to serve the economic interests of its members. A transparent fee structure and reduced charges are a central feature of our management policy.

We are open to :

- Staff members of intergovernmental organisations (including consultants with a contract of six months or more), whether serving or retired;
- A member’s spouse or partner within the meaning of the relevant laws, any person directly related to a member in the ascending or descending line (i.e. the parents and children), and a member’s siblings and their children;
- Any person receiving one or more shares by donation or legacy; 
- Any person sponsored by a member referred to in subparagraph (7.1.b) of the statutes under the conditions laid down by the Board of Directors are likewise eligible.

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