Financial liberty

You are the designer of your financial liberty at retirement

Compatible with changes

A pension plan compatible with changes in employment

Alternative to a pension plan

Alternative to a poor or non-existing pension plan


Build a pension

In partnership with La Bâloise Vie Luxembourg AMFIE offers its members, who are international civil servants, a flexible solution to build a pension or a complementary pension.
Set up by AMFIE.
Offered exclusively to AMFIE members. Low management fees.
- Choice of the contribution amount which can be modified at any time
- Possibility to invest in a capital guaranteed solution and/or in investment funds
- Choice of the form of benefit payments at retirement :Lifelong annuity or a lump sum of the accumulated amount
- Choice of beneficiaries in case of death which can be modified
- Choice of the retirement age of the Plan: Between 60 and 70 years old

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