2023 Investment funds performance

Here are the 2023 performance of the Investment Funds offered in AMFund and in the Provident savings plan (PEP).




Moventum Plus Active – Portfolio Global Growth 


Moventum Plus Active – Portfolio Global Dynamic 


Moventum Plus Active – Portfolio Global Balanced 

Moventum Plus Active – Portfolio Global Defensive 6,16%
Moventum Plus Active – Portfolio Europe Balanced  6,79%

Remember: AMFund solutions can also be subscribed inside 0-18 accounts to boost the profitability of long-term savings.


Provident Savings Plan

The ESG funds

LGT Funds SICAV LGT Bond Fund Global Inflation Linked (EUR) C  2,45%
BIF - Bâloise Eticx Aggressive 15,10%
BIF - Bâloise Eticx Dynamic 11,77%
BIF - Bâloise Eticx Balanced 8,13%
BIF - Bâloise Eticx Defensive 4,23%
BIF - Bâloise Eticx Conservative 0,56%

The traditional funds

BL-Global Equities B  17,9%
BL Fund Selection - Equities SRI B  9.2%
BL Fund Selection - 0-50 B -2,1%
BL BL-Global Bond Opportunities B  6,6%
Carmignac Sécurité AW EUR Acc 4%

At the time of going to press, only the technical rate of 2.00% (from March 1st, 2024) guaranteed by the Commissariat aux Assurances is known. We will have to wait for the next communication from our partner "Baloise" to know the total remuneration for 2023.

We remind you that past performance is no guarantee of future results. The value of investments is subject to price fluctuations.

Find the yields of the savings account for the 1st quarter 2024.

  Yields 1st quarter 2024

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