N° 82 / DECEMBER 2021


Dear Members

End of the year celebrations are approaching and on behalf of AMFIE, its Board of Directors and its Strategic Committee, I wish you happiness and success for this New Year.

You will find a small present under your tree this year; Santa promised to turn our digital General Meeting into a physical one on Saturday 25 June 2022, with electronic vote. Although we might still be dependent on sanitary conditions we want AMFIE optimism to prevail throughout 2022!

Our October share sale having been oversubscribed, we can work out the conditions for the issuance of new ordinary shares following the next sale in 2022, should the latter still leave many bids unmet... Thank you again for your confidence.

Finally, you will also find your traditional AMFIE Academy gift on “derivative products”,  which you can open and read immediately.

Best wishes

Stéphane Argyropoulos
President of the Board of Directors

Coordinators’ meeting November 2021

Following the annual coordinators’ meeting held last June, we met together again and virtually in November. Janine Rivals and Svend Booth presented the slideshow, as they usually do to staff in organizations. Coordinators were able to learn how AMFIE’s products and services are explained to their colleagues. This session, which gathered together around thirty participants, provided valuable advice for improving our documentation. During a question-and-answer session, we witnessed interesting discussions between our very enthusiastic coordinators.

We thank them again for their involvement and interest in our Association and to go even further in our discussion, we will offer them sessions with specific theme. These sessions, devoted to a single subject, will allow to deepen even further the way in which our services are presented, and thus present them in a better version. We will of course provide you with a short feedback on the next session, which should take place in early 2022.

AMFIE ACADEMY, Investing in Derivatives

AMFIE Academy is a series of articles on basic themes concerning saving and investing. Past articles have focused on establishing your investor profile, determining the strategy that best corresponds to your investor profile and building a diversified portfolio. The entire series of articles is available on AMFIE’s website at .

In this edition, we will review derivatives.

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Purchase and Sale of ordinary shares

A successful sale of ordinary shares took place on 11 October 2021. Shares were traded at the price of 126.93 euros, with 65 members applying to buy 5207 shares. A total of 1587 shares were available for sale and all were thus traded. Prospective buyers and sellers should note that the next sale will take place in 2022.


Yields for 4th Quarter 2021

The Board of Directors has decided to maintain the AMFIE yields for the 4th quarter 2021.

Please find the returns on the Savings account, the term deposit AMFIE Flexible, and the Savings account 0-18 with the link below.

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