N° 90 / October 2023

9th Extraordinary General Meeting

The 9th extraordinary general meeting was held electronically from 18th to 28th September 2023. The resolution on the principle of  limited capital increase was adopted by 90.67%.

The results of the purchase and sale of the ordinary shares

We received 74 purchase requests for a total of 3079 shares and 12 requests to sell a total of 3079 shares.

All members wishing to buy and sell shares having been satisfied, and as a consequence the principle of a capital increase was not applied.

Yields - 4th quarter 2023

Savings account and term deposits rates were maintained in the fourth quarter.  The Board of Directors plans to carry out a further review for the 1st quarter of 2024.

Mobile Application

The mobile web banking application (AMFIE Mobile Finance) has undergone a number of improvements:

  • Digital authentication with the Authy application is now available.

For dual authentication, you can now use either the secondary key or an SMS code (where telephone providers allow this), or you can generate a unique code using the Authy application. See our tutorial on the private area of (

  • Fixing bugs when adding beneficiary(ies)
  • Downloading PDFs, such as statements of account or statements of assets.

Update date: 29th August 2023. If you have authorised automatic updating on your phone, the latest version (1.80) will be operational without any action on your part.

Did you know that on 27th September, the FATF* published its mutual evaluation report, placing Luxembourg among the best evaluated countries?

Here is the press release presenting the good overall results


* The Financial Action Task Force is an independent international body whose Secretariat is based at the OECD.

AMFIE is growing

For several newsletters now, we have been communicating about the need to carry out an overall review of our member files. To carry out this task, we have called on three new recruits: Albina Vyalenko Dzhus, Arthur Nedog and Akli Ben Abdesselam.

We would like to welcome them and thank you for the warm welcome you will give them when they contact you to update your file.


We would like to extend our sincere thanks to two of our coordinators for their many years of collaboration, and wish them a happy retirement. We hope they enjoy every moment of their new lives.

  • Gordana Korolija, FAO in Rome, retiring in December 2023.
  • Andrew Brown, ICAO in Montreal, retiring in September 2023.

Thanks again, and see you soon.


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