AMFund, the solution to your asset management

You want to build up some savings, and want something more than an ordinary monetary investment?
AMFund asset management could be what you are looking for.

AMFund is a plan for savings in investment funds; a choice of five investment funds with many benefits.

The choice between the five different funds will depend on your savings objective and investor profile (four types offered, ranging from defensive to aggressive).

For example, if you are seeking a fair balance between risk and security, and you wish to minimise risk-taking and the possible loss of capital, preferring capital growth over the medium and long term, you can invest on one or other of two balanced funds comprising around 50% in bond funds and around 45% in stock funds.

Because of its unique benefits this savings plan is open only to AMFIE members. You can join the plan with as little as €50 and without opening an additional account, and with no entry, exit or custody fees.

Many members are already using this service and the total deposited amounts to almost 3 million euros.

Members who have subscribed to the plan receive a report every quarter on how the fund's assets are being managed. Our partner Moventum provides comments on the funds' performances and strategies, setting out a review and analysis of the markets.

You can find all the technical information about AMFund in the members' area on (AMFund) and Financial info (for the prospectuses and fact-sheets). You can also contact Gabriele Strupp ( or Alexandra Roger Perin ( at any time for further information.

The table below summarises performances of the funds to 30 June 2019 (source Morningstar Direct).

  3 months 6 months 1 year 2 yeas 3 years
Defensive 1.46% 7.25% 0.63% -1.60% 1.00%
Balanced 1.43% 9.89% 0.53% 0.09% 6.79%
Balanced V2 (Europe) 1.88% 9.26% -2.30% -3.87% 4.29%
Dynamic 1.61% 13.05% 1.77% 3.43% 13.54%
Offensive 1.44% 16.75% 2.22% 6.44% 20.22%

Members are reminded  that past performance cannot be taken as a guide to future performance.

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