N° 73 / JUNE 2019

EDITORIAL - Back to the future

Dear colleagues,

For those who find it difficult to predict what financial markets will look like this year (or even next week…), we have written a few articles to help you plan your savings; a highlight on the UN pension plan and our complementary PEP, and food for thoughts in our AMFIE Academy column.

For all the others, please send us your predictions/theories/beliefs so we can share them with our community!

You will also find a teaser on the results of our first survey which we will further detail in a coming letter.

« Bonne lecture »

Stéphane Argyropoulos
President of the Board of Directors


In early May, we sent you a message about the changes to out mobile app. AMFIE is constantly searching for ways to improve our services and correct any reported bugs. We keep on listening to your comments and suggestions and process them whenever it is feasible.

You are now more than 1300 to have downloaded and more than 850 to use it on a daily basis.

PENSION: UN staff, How AMFIE can help you?

The importance of transfer, validation or restoration of contributory service when joining the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund (UNJSPF) and the eventual integration of the AMFIE Provident Savings Plan (PEP)

Within the U.N. System, the granting of programme appointments, indefinite appointments or indefinitely renewed fixed-term contracts has been gradually eroded since the turn of the century.

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Correspondent Banks: BARCLAYS BANK Plc.

Due to a change of policy, Barclays Bank Plc. has informed us that they will no longer be able to provide banking products and services to any customers based outside of the UK. AMFIE is therefore forced to end its long and outstanding relationship with Barclays.

We ask members to please stop using our account with Barclays and to use one of the following accounts in GBP instead.

ING Luxembourg S.A.
26 Place de la Gare
L-1616 Luxembourg
LU17 0141 8408 6620 3030

Banque Internationale à Luxembourg (B.I.L)
69, route d’Esch,
L-2953 Luxembourg
LU41 0023 1723 2327 0800

The fees will remain unchanged for withdrawals (free of charge if < 5.000 GBP, 10GBP  if > 5.000 GBP).
Please note that cheque in GBP will no longer be accepted, or issued.
 If you have a permanent deposit order using the Barclays account, please take immediate action to redirect your deposit to one of the above accounts. The list of our correspondent banks is changing. We invite you to check this list which is published in the Members' area of our website under Correspondent Banks, on a regular basis.

Yields 2nd Quarter 2019 (per annum)

Read about the Yields for the second quarter 2019 applied to the Savings accounts, the AMFIE Flexible term deposit, as well as the 0-18 Savings account.

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AMFIE ACADEMY: Investing in a Term deposit

AMFIE Academy is a series of articles on basic themes concerning saving and investing. Past articles have focused on establishing your investor profile, determining the strategy that best corresponds to your investor profile and building a diversified portfolio. The entire series of articles is available on AMFIE’s website at

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In April, we sent by email a satisfaction survey to our members and prospects by emails. A special thanks to the 800 peolpe who responded. Your answers will help us to refine and improve our services in line with your expectations. We will share the results of the survey in an upcoming newsletter, but we can already thank you for the trust you grant us with 8.1/10 as a rating of satisfaction.


We are pleased to welcome Margarita (Peggy) Brattlof who strengthens our network of volunteer ambassadors at the FAO Rome.


AMFIE would like to meet you (June 2019)

Let's follow our team of Globettrotters, Janine Rivals, Svend Booth and Bertrand Mutter who  travelled to two continents to meet you. From Dakar to Warsaw, via Vienna, Budapest or Beirut.

Here with Ricardo Barbieri  visiting  Dakar.

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